Deerskin Moccasin


  • Bronzé
  • Femmes 10
Sku: 821519036201


Foot Lining: Fleece
Materials: Canadian Deerskin Leather, Rabbit Fur
Sole: Canadian Deerskin Leather

A ‘moccasin’ is an Indigenous word for ‘shoe or slipper’. Our ancestors originally designed these fur-trimmed, deerhide moccasins to wear indoors through harsh Canadian winters. The Deerskin Moccasin has all of the iconic moccasin features- fur ankle cuff, beaded vamp and deer leather outer – which has been passed down to us from generation to generation. Now as a contemporary Métis company, we continue the tradition by combining modern techniques and materials to make cozy additions to your everyday life around the house or at the cottage!

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