Waterproof Youth, Child and toddler Gatherer Mukluk


  • Charcoal
  • Enfant 10
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Foot Lining: Sheepskin Shearling
Height: 7″-8″ Tall
Materials: Grain Leather
Sole: Bear Sole

Our AuthenTEC Waterproof System is inspired by pine pitch and spruce gum, the traditional waterproofing materials used by our ancestors. The Waterproof Child Gatherer is made with waterproof grain leather and is sealed 4″ from the bottom.

The ‘mukluk’ is an Indigenous word for ‘winter boot’. Our ancestors created them thousands of years ago out of natural hides and fur in order to survive in the coldest places in Canada. Now as a contemporary Métis company, we continue the tradition by combining modern techniques and materials to make functional mukluks for urban environments. The footbed is sheepskin-lined and the sole was designed by Cree artist Heather Endall.

Beadwork and material colour may vary from photograph

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Charcoal, Tobacco


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