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Genuine Sheepskin Insoles

Every mukluk we make has a sheepskin footbed. The fluffy wool can become compacted or squished over time. Now you can bring a second life to a pair of mukluks you’ve had for years just by adding a new insole.

Materials: Bottom layer – Antifungal polyurethane foam
Top layer – 15mm thick, dyed mouton lamb shearling – a soft, thick, sheared fur that is straightened and water repellent
How to use your insoles:
Place your new sheepskin insole into your Manitobah mukluk. The insole should lay flat in your footwear, on top of the existing foot bed. This sheepskin insole is designed for Manitobah footwear that features our Tipi Vibram sole.
If necessary, you can use scissors to trim your insoles. To do so, follow the shape of the heel, removing a small portion along the bottom edge. Fraying of the sheepskin may occur while trimming. Fraying will not affect the function or integrity of the insole.

Beadwork and material colour may vary from photograph

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